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Flow Solutions

Flow Measurement
Flow Measurement consultancy provided by experienced and reliable professionals.
This service assists you in assuring high accuracy in measurement.
We also undertake detailed study to identify the right flow measurement systems.

We specialize in helping you achieve compliance with national and international standards.
Perform analysis to identify and address issues affecting the accuracy and performance of your flow measurement systems.
Flow Meters Development
We provide consultancy service for development of flow meters and the technology improvements in metering.
We do conduct studies, researches, analyses and also prototype testing of flow meters for enhancing the flow measurement technology.
Flow Elements
We have expertise in designing of primary flow elements as per international standards like ISO, ASME, BS etc.
For special cases like wet gas and high turn down requirements, we use advanced CFD programs to design and validating the flow elements.      
Pressure Controlling Devices
For controlling pressure and flow in the pipelines, proper designing of restriction orifice is essential.
We design the best solution to limit the noise level by controlling the cavitation and chocking.
CFD programs are use to validate the design.

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