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Engineering Design
For mechanical items, we do provide comprehensive design support for all stages of the design process from concept,
schematic, design development, tender and manufacturing stages.
We support for the design calculations to meet the international standard codes.

For DOSH Certification
We do support for the design approval of pressure vessels to meet the certification requirements.

When a thermowell is put into service, it is subjected to a variety of stresses.
These stresses are typically created by the movement of the process fluid around the thermowell,
which causes in-line and transverse vibrations that can induce mechanical failure of the thermowell.
Such a failure may not only result in loss of measurement but can also cause significant damage to expensive equipment
and create a serious safety risk to plant personnel.

We provide custom designing of thermowell by international standard calculations and the same get validated by
stress analysis or prototype test from third party laboratory.  
Pressure chamber
We are providing complete calculation and design solution for pressure chambers/vessels as per ASME BPVC or ASME B31 series.
Apart from national/international code calculation, the total FEA analysis including static stress analysis, thermal stress, vibration test, etc are performed.
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