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Cone Meters

Cone flow meters are become the advanced flow measurement instrument in differential pressure type.
It is an innovative flow meter with high precise flow measurement and its special design helps to avoid the standard limitations in conventional DP instruments.
The cone shape restriction held concentrically in the center of the pipe will force the fluid to wash around the cone.
This will create linearizing the velocity profile across the cross-section of the pipe.
This brings visible influence to its accuracy of measurement and enable it to apply the measuring occasion
such as no straight length, flow disorder, bi-phase fluids and so on.
The low permanent head-loss achieved by the Cone flow meter results from the shape of the cone itself.  
The shape of the cone minimizes energy losses commonly caused by areas of low flow, cavitation and erratic flows.  
Each Cone flow meter is sized to meet desired application requirements and may be specifically designed to have high or low head loss.  
Regardless, the overall energy consumed by the Cone flow meter is minimized because of its inherent characteristics.
The cone consists of two truncated cones with and angle of 26° and 67.5° to the centreline of the pipe.
This cone will be connected to the pipe with a support strut and the cone assembly is installed such that the cone centreline to the centreline of the pipe.
The standard ISO 5167-5 specifies the geometry and method of use of cone meters.
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